Bible Verses for Guidance

God guides us in two ways –by the spirit and through his word, which we need. The guidance is indirect or direct; hence we need to understand both ways. If we say about indirect guidance, this means that God is guiding us from the back end.

In this way, the situations are created to ensure that we are walking on that path. He turns our hearts, guides, directs, pushes, and makes the situation so that his plans are being accomplished in our lives. After the occasion is completed, we can understand that this was God’s guidance and working in the back end.

God’s plan would not be revealed in advance, even though he is using from the back end. Still, he would be guiding us even though we do not understand; hence we should never misjudge his power of working from the back end. We are being guided what to do and what not to through the word of God but also through an inner voice, thoughts, and ideas, then less often through visions, images, dreams, and an audible voice.

His will, once disclosed through the word, would not be answered through the prayer. God is actively involved in our daily lives. He is guiding us day by day. We are often not even aware of His guidance, but we must always be on guard to the source of the guidance as the devil is still trying to misdirect us. Always ask, is this in conformity to the Word of God.

bible verses for guidance
Isaiah 58:11

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